Most people decide to work with me because they’re in a comfort zone that no longer feels comfortable.

Maybe you’ve been pushing incredibly hard in your career but feel like you’re constantly on a wheel, trying to keep up with everything but deep down you know you’re built for something more.

Perhaps you’re trying to make something happen but you keep getting stuck on the edge of your potential.

It could be that you’re sick and tired of doubting yourself and you’re ready to do what it takes to shift this self defeating pattern.

This is your opportunity to find a new way to design your life your way and achieve success on your terms.

I am completely committed to you being you and manifesting what your heart desires

Coaching with me involves gaining a real understanding of yourself, what matters to you and how to set yourself up for success. You will learn to stand in your own authority with self belief and resilience. You will no longer feel at the effect of things. You will step fully into your driver seat.  You will design your life your way and create the grit to follow through which comes from knowing your soul’s purpose and achieving emotional mastery.

It will be disruptive and challenging, intuitive and heartfelt.

I’ve got your back 100%.

I believe in you.

You’re in safe hands

I reached a point in my life where pushing hard didn’t work for me.  I was stuck and resentful feeling at the effect of circumstances at work.  The salary, car, benefits and security weren’t doing it for me.  I was scared to take a leap but I knew I wasn’t living my purpose.  I’ve radically changed my life and the way I show up for myself and I’ve coached hundreds of people to do the same.  I’m a fully accredited coach with CTI, OSCM, Mind Gym and Heartmath (1750+ hours), hold 2 Masters degrees and am committed to my continuous development.  I’m always learning and I share what I learn with my clients.  My approach is a blend of intuition, creativity and spirituality with mindset and emotional techniques that help clients gain tangible results.


My coaching outcomes


Shall we ignite a shift together?

Ignite your Life Coaching Package

We’ll meet for 12 sessions over 3 months

We meet each week for 60 minutes
We meet over the phone or on Zoom
We will start where you are.
We’ll discover your story, what you really want, who you really are.
We’ll identify what’s holding you back.
You’ll begin to master your emotions and mindset.
You’ll create new self nourishing practices to manage your energy, soothe your fears, focus and achieve results

The investment is a one off payment of £1350
or 3 monthly payments of £500

  Wondering if we’re a fit?

Book a complimentary clarity session.