The Brief
Design a new style of management programme to unlock the potential of senior managers without presenting packaged modules. It had to be flexible enough to allow people to grow rapidly and explore themselves, yet structured enough to allow those that wanted a clear direction of travel. And to weave in our values at every twist and turn.

The Solution
A bespoke 3 day programme comprised of bite-size experiential learning chunks. The key lay in enabling leaders to lead their people in a way that modelled their values and enabled them to maximise their potential.  The first phase roll out began in May 2016 and by November 2016 over 70 managers took part.

My Brilliant Brand
Focusing on the individual leader: their energy, strengths, values, intention, mindset, choices and ability to turnaround complaints into requests

Building Connection
Focusing on the relationship between the leader and employees: their leadership style, emotional reactions, defensive strategies and skills to get underneath the surface issues and create adult/adult conversations

Inspiring Others
Focusing on their ability to build emotional climates that fuel performance: focusing on behaviours that shape results, facilitating thinking patterns and inspiring ownership.

Testimonials …

Michael Whitfield, CEO, Thomsons Online Benefits
“Having now had all of my senior managers exposed to Vanessa and the programme she has created, the results are palpable. I can see a new found adventurism in my senior management team and we have started shifting the focus of this team in a very positive way. Vanessa challenges me and my people to have the difficult conversations you don’t always want to have as CEO. If you want a safe, packaged and homogenised coaching programme then Vanessa is the wrong person for you, however, if you want a challenging, thought provoking and impactful one then she most definitely is.”

Delegate feedback  …
“All three days proved really insightful to me, and put me way out of my comfort zone ” “I learned that it is ok to ask the hard questions.” “I’ve found the course a stepping stone in to a different way of thinking.” “I’ve become a better leader and closer to my team as a result.” “Being enabled with these tools can and will improve your way of life.”