How to stop taking things personally

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10 years ago, back in my corporate career I was listening to an HR Director speak.  He was new to the company and his first job was moving out a much loved and respected senior leadership team. “It’s really not personal” he said about events that were happening within the function that were causing a ...

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How to get the monkey off your back in 1:1s

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How to get the monkey off your back in 1:1s 1:1s matter.  They’re an opportunity to discuss progress: what’s holding performance back, what needs to happen and how to move forward to deliver even better results. But often they become a talking shop.  Nothing really gets solved. You feel frustrated that despite investing your time ...

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What Uber leadership can teach us all

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What can Uber leadership teach us? We’ve all been there.  Someone says something about what you did or said and you feel yourself prickle.  Your mind starts to race with thoughts and you quickly move towards your defence strategy (fight, freeze or flight). It’s never pleasant to be on the receiving end of criticism, particularly when ...

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