Take Charge

Stop questioning if you're good enough and feeling a fraud.

Step into your power, take charge and master your fear.

Work with Courage

Stop the negative what if's and status quo from running your life.

Connect to your heart, set the direction & design your life your way.

Own your Worth

Stop people pleasing, avoiding and hustling for your worthiness.

Stand behind yourself, become your own authority and manifest what you really want.

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How to stop taking things personally

How to stop taking things personally

10 years ago, back in my corporate career I was listening to an HR Director speak.  He was new to the company and his first job was moving out a much loved and respected senior leadership team. “It’s really not personal” he said about events that were happening within the function that were causing a ...

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Why emotional Intelligence matters at work?

Why emotional Intelligence matters at work?

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How to handle the stress of doing something stupid

How to handle the stress of doing something stupid

  How to handle the stress of doing something stupid Even the smartest people do stupid things.  But the real challenge is being able to be the best version of ourselves under stress and choose behaviours that align with our best self. Stress is all pervasive in our 24/7 culture.  We’re constantly receiving information and transmitting ...

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Nice words

Kind words from some of the people I've worked with

  • Phil Sanger

    Have you ever experience the support of someone who has truly and explicitly got your back? This is what I get from Vanessa and when you are trying to develop as person and a professional there is no other feeling like being held in this way with such magical expectation and belief. We are moving mountains. I’m having the most profound coaching sessions I have ever had. Massive emotional shifts, breaking of patterns and growth in confidence to be able stay the course and reach for the big wins.

    Phil Sanger

  • Marion Thomas

    I honestly think Vanessa is some kind of magician and holds supernatural powers. She sees right into the core of me, what I can be and calls me to be that, and then some. She sees me playing bigger than I dared dream and takes me there and holds me. Every session is like a new room in a palace of deep knowledge and she is always full of stretch and love. I am now connected with my life purpose and am starting to live the dream, I am playing large, I have stepped into my power, and I have the courage to speak my truth. I have blossomed as a leader.

    Marion Thomas
  • Joe Standerline

    Vanessa coached me through what was proving to be a painful transition. There is nowhere to hide, I am challenged and I’m also supported. This is an enduring support that pushes me forward when the easiest choice would be to go to bed and hide. It is playful and spiritual, also. There is no doubt that I’ve got myself to a better state of being with Vanessa’s skilful and powerful intervention

    Joe Standerline
  • Susie Mollison

    My goal of 5 years is now achieved!

    Susie Mollison
  • Louise Dudley

    Vanessa doesn’t let you get away from yourself. So often in coaching we look at what we need to do and avoid ourselves a little, at least that’s a familiar pattern with me. Coaching with Vanessa means getting to know your self and it all starts there

    Louise Dudley
  • Karen Davidson

    Vanessa didn’t buy into my internal story, she guided me and showed me how to overcome what I’d been listening to for so long. I’m amazed at the things I found out about myself, so happy that I did, and the realisation that I can be whomever I choose to be. It’s just fantastic. Thank you!

    Karen Davidson
  • Sonia Ortiz

    Vanessa is very energetic, generous, creative and extremely resourceful. Working with Vanessa I’ve felt supported and encouraged, she has helped me align with what is truly important to me, she has been a mirror and a role model. She walks the talk! I have had lots of insights with her and great guidance in creating my new business, as well as lots of laughter. I definitely recommend her!

    Sonia Ortiz
  • Darren Gillgrass

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Vanessa for the past 4 months, after she agreed to coach me following redundancy from a Managing Director’s position within the publishing industry. Vanessa helped me identify and prioritise my core business and home values, re-energise and give me belief in myself again as well as challenging some of many of my thought processes. Vanessa has made the whole process incredibly good fun, friendly and empowering!

    Darren Gillgrass
  • Claire Lopez

    Vanessa has a beautiful way of pulling information out…..even the things you aren’t sure you can or want to see. She is incredibly gentle, but encourages you to move forward….to see the possibility….. She has an amazing gift for helping you see your own light. And not just seeing it, but locating it within your self/Self so that you can access it at any time. Very powerful and highly recommended

    Claire Lopez

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